Kahoot Hack

Is this a hack? Four words in and I am already questioning my assertion. In any case, it’s just a piddly thing we have been using in inductions that has made my life a wee bit easier.

I am far, far too lazy to extoll the benefits of Kahoot here. If you haven’t come across it then what are you waiting for? Sign up now and go absolutely bonkers creating free and interactive quizzes. That’s what it does you see.

In my first ever induction (It. Did. Not. Go. Well. ) I used Kahoot like you’re meant to – asking everyone to get out their phones and join in with the quiz. This has worked fine in staff training in the past or in sessions where you can use tablets, but the students in my induction either didn’t have a smartphone or didn’t want to use their data as they weren’t able to connect to the wifi yet. Out of about twenty students, I think only five joined in and the rest sat there looking miserable, as teenagers are wont to do.

So if there is a problem with your wifi, with your tablets or if people can’t use their smart phones (and I always feel bad asking, as it kind of assumes everyone should have one and makes those who don’t feel conspicuous) then you can use the beautiful, wondrous PREVIEW MODE.

Preview button

Dead easy, click on preview rather than play and a fake little phone will open in a new window alongside your quiz. You can ask them to choose a team name and use the fake phone to log into the quiz like normal. I then get our students to take it in turns to use the smartboard to tap the answer, which they generally love although it can be a ballache to get the ball rolling sometimes.

Look at that sexy bitch

Look at that sexy bitch

So you still get some interaction and the super duper good fun of using Kahoot. Maybe everyone is just using this feature anyway but if not, then I hope it’s useful. Any other Kahoot tips then please share – there’s no cash reward but you will get zillions of librarian points, redeemable in store.

Cool beans!


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