Hot Shit

Today it is hot in the library. Noticeable – bum cheek – Mad Max – pizza oven – hot. We hear the air con has gone rogue and is pumping out 30 degree hot air rather than cold, rendering us greasy, jellied messes. Despite this, and the inane grin plastered on my face every time someone walks through the door and says “ooh hot in here eh,”* I would still rather be here than anywhere else.

Ice Cube by Pierre Rennes CC by 2.0

Ice Cube by Pierre Rennes CC by 2.0

The last post I wrote was full of frustration at my course and fear for the future. The frustration has fossilised into pure rage (as only librarians know how) but it is easier to cope with now that I have handed all my work in and got my PGDip. There is far, far more to say on the matter but I have appropriated a new sort of wanky Zen approach to life (it’s the heat) and fear if I wrote any sort of overview I would just end up running around Leeds screaming at people and foaming at the mouth, Manny style.

The fear for the future is still there too, as it is for many of us I’m sure. For now though, I can quite easily say that I love my job. Who knew eh, that being a librarian really was so great! (That’s one thing already that we never got taught…)

To my delight, when I rocked up on day one in my uber librarian cardigan/glasses combo (so professional dontcha know), I was told that my role would be split across the main library and a new library – and that because there were only two of us plus three library assistants, I would be at one library and my manager at the other.

We are definitely short staffed, but we rub along in a jolly hockey sticks kind of way. It is so delicious to have actual, real work to do and I can feel the visceral effect it is having on my mood.

When I arrived, the new library wasn’t open and so we have spent a fun few weeks opening boxes, designing posters and shelf labels and arranging furniture. Developing a new service is especially exciting and something I wouldn’t have got the chance to do in a larger team – plus I get to make all the posters, which appeals to my itchy brain.

Shelf labels

My babies

Over the summer I am also running a stocktake and therefore my relationship with Heritage has gone speedily from casual acquaintance to face-licking friends. It feels like proper librarian graft though, and I am thoroughly enjoying myself even when I am elbow deep in a pile of sticky plumbing textbooks.

My final main task so far is to remake our induction process. I don’t know about you but this is kind of a librarian dream come true. I walk around shiny-faced and enthusiastic, chattering away about interactivity and vines. A proper blog post about this will hopefully follow if I get my act together but for now it is just too freaking hot.

* “Too fucking right mate”