Apathy, salty food and 1D.

I have what not many people get in their whole life – a fresh start. Single, new job, new city, own flat, don’t really know a soul – it makes me giddy to think that in a couple of weeks this will be me.

A long way from the present day me:

Sat in a cardigan that (no word of a lie, ask my weeping mother) has not been washed since its purchase in 2011, eating pepperamis and olives and basically just cucumbers dipped in salt, and typing with bloody stumps in order to finish the five assignments that are annoyingly due during my first couple of weeks at work when I’ll be living in a hotel. Yup, good work on that front Jennifer.

Well today I wanted to talk to you about two things. One is serious (you will cry lololol) and the other is a tacked on jokey list so you don’t go away feeling like you hate me.

It’s hard to care anymore. About libraries (and pretty much everything else.)

Did you feel like that when assignment after assignment just lay ahead of you and there was actually no reason to leave the house and if there’s no reason to leave the house there’s no reason to get dressed and if you’re not getting dressed you’re not showering and then you’re basically living in your bed? Made all the worse by the guilt of not reeaaalllyy being excited by the new swish job that I’ve been wanting for the past three years – and everyone saying how great it will be in Leeds. I know it will be, it’s just the gap between me there and me here is so great and yawning that it seems like a totally different person. I just hope she’ll be feeling better than this one.

This lack of enthusiasm is weird. People are tweeting and blogging about LILAC and technology and conferences and funding and it just washes by. The election could hinge on how many libraries each party pledges to save and I wouldn’t know. Zayn could even be the new CILIP President (omg is he?)…

Where we are tour by Javierosh is licensed under CC BY 2.0. Dodgy paint job by me.

Where we are tour by Javierosh is licensed under CC BY 2.0. Dodgy paint job by me.

I guess I don’t really have a point here except that we only have a certain reserve of enthusiasm and interest and that it’s ok to just not give a shit. Right now I couldn’t give a toss about libraries, which is annoying as I still have to write thousands and thousands of words about them. It doesn’t mean that I never will and that I don’t want to kick ass in my new role. Just gotta recharge the batteries by crawling around the house in pjs and reloading reddit sixty three times a day.

Oh dear I promised a list didn’t I.

If I look back at my past few blog posts they are all moaning about my feeeelings and my lacklustre course rather than the ideas I think about and might get my motor running (gamification, sexism, interviews, digital natives, porn filtering, privacy, social media and FOOD). To cap off what I hope is the last in a blue period, here is a begrudging top five of the librarian lessons I have learnt since September.

  1. How to design and run user testing and why it means things aren’t as bad as they could be
  2. How Google works (in a wiggly hand eh kinda way)
  3. That Soft Systems Methodology is the true work of Satan and that anyone who claims to know what it is (including YOU Peter Checkland) is a minion of hell
  4. Teaching means variety and passion and yes, sometimes using those horrible large pieces of paper even though they make you want to die
  5. What the fuck metadata is*

One bit of relief is that the next post I write will be about working in a library again rather than dragging you all down to our collective student misery.

Thanks for reading.


* just don’t ask me please

P.S Just want to give a shout out to my super boss bitches and gossipy old lady friends who are a) awesome and b) have been knocking the jobs and interviews out of the park recently. I’m so proud of you guys and I think we should just drink £2 Font cocktails until we are qualified and then some ❤