Early days

I found out last week that I will be one of six new Graduate Trainees at MMU this September. Now, I’ve said this to quite a few people so far but not many have known what this even means or why I am so bloody excited. Someone even asked me whether it was a real job! Yes it is guys and I’m going to have the dusty cardigans and glasses-on-a-chain to prove it (just kidding, I have those already). 


September is seriously far away and although I want to start a blog to track all the new information and changes this next step will bring, I am kinda jumping the gun and posting a bit early. Really, I just want to remind myself of this weird limbo feeling; no longer propelled by the knifing fear that comes from applying for jobs post post-graduate degree but also not yet consumed by the thrill of a new job, I’m just hanging about and eating doughnuts. Of course, as soon as I move to Manchester I’ll be too busy to eat so I had better create some fat stores in the meantime.


Part of this limbo has involved some minor research into the virtual and social media world of other grad trainees and librarians. Ok, so maybe I am spending a lot of time reading random library blogs and tweets but it is just like pressing my nose to the window of a schmanzy party, albeit a quiet one with lots of spreadsheets. I think writing a few early posts might help me feel a tiny part of such a vast and thriving community and maybe learn a bit about the social norms. I wasn’t even sure what a library blog should be like but heck, it’s not like a) anyone is reading (hello?) b) this is an official project or c) I’m going to write anything offensive. All I do know is that, after reading copious amounts of other library blogs, I want to record both the serious things I’m learning, as well as lots of lighter stuff, rather than going for a journalistic approach.



Nope, you’re not seeing things. That is Noah Wyle.

For example, I just googled ‘Librarian’ (totally for the first time) and this amazing film came up. 

It looks like a slightly worse version of Indiana Jones, redeemed only by its rejection of the popular librarian stereotype of a bespectacled loser with an obsession for silence. From what I can gather, it’s an American TV movie (don’t we just call them dramas?) and part of a series. Further investigation and possible viewing is definitely called for – I will report back later. For the time being, let me tantalize you with this excellent quotation:

“I think it only fair to warn you that I am a librarian.”

(probably followed by some serious arse-kicking)


At least I have something to keep me occupied until September rolls around.